Happiness is…

April’s been a month of challenges and a bit rollercoastery for a lot of people but absolutely packed full of little reasons to be cheerful!

From left to right:

1 – Signs of the Earth coming back to life as Spring get’s underway.

2 – A day spent in the darkroom  preparing for a workshop.

3 – Do you see what I see?

4 – Put it in your hat.

5 – mmm….banane.

6 – Fantastic newish Keith Jarrett album gifted to me.

7 – Anyone else (not so) secretly want to be Bernard from Black Books when(if) they grow up?!

8 – Slate.

9 – Even the floor at the National Portrait Gallery’s pretty spesh…go check out David Bailey’s ‘Stardust’ exhibition if you haven’t already.

10 – Spotted on Camden Road

11 – Magic hour at Old St. Pancras Church just before a gig I was filming.

12 – Stealing a few moments of sunshine in the garden between edits.

13 – Sometimes I still get lost scurrying around London and on this occasion I ended up in my old neighbourhood Hackney Wick…graffiti by the inimitable Sweet Toof.

14 – Spotted this stern looking fella on a bus ride to pick up some workshop supplies.

15 – Tan.

16 – “Destined to see what is illuminated and not the light” – Goethe.  A print I made after a workshop I was giving on how to create photograms – prints made without a camera.

17 – Unexpected gifts, especially of the chocolate variety (even if I can’t currently eat them) are always guaranteed to make me happy!

18 – Synchronicity.

19 – Ooh this shoot was fun…editing it now.

20 – Strange markings on a window belonging to the new BBC offices in central London…random occurrence or the beginning of a zombie apocalypse?

21 – Toilet humour.

22 – Sadly not a shoot I was involved in…maybe next time!

23 – Had a quick visit to Bristol..

24 – …and then a jaunt to the seaside for a day.

25 – Found in a book in a fellow jazz fiend’s room…amazing portrait by Chuck Stewart.

26 – Lofts…you don’t go up there for years and years and then you find the oddest remnants of a life gone by…

27 – I have no idea what this is called but I am reliably informed that it was designed to find out whether or not light had mass…a defunct idea now but still a beautifully designed instrument nonetheless.

28 – Lazing on a sunny afternoon…

29 – As a friend remarked upon seeing this photo ” Y-orchid-ing me?”  Not entirely sure this is actually an orchid…but the sentiment is a sound one!

30 – “Annie, there’s a big lobster behind the refrigerator. I can’t get it out. This thing’s heavy. Maybe if I put a little dish of butter sauce here with a nutcracker, it will run out the other side.”

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