Happiness is…

The third update of my ongoing attempt to document everyday moments of happiness…

From left to right:

1 – Daffodils for St. David’s Day.

2 – A beautiful vintage camera I unearthed at Camden Market.

3 – Frog graffiti.

4 – A friendly squirrel.

5 – Magic hour in Clapton.

6 – Funny sign outside a shop on Brick Lane.

7 – The saddest and most comfortable looking bear in the back room of a shop that sells nothing but chairs.

8 – Amazing graffiti.

9 – Chalk graffiti.

10 – Fantastic sculpture near East India Docks.

11 – Beautiful light at the Sensing Spaces exhibition at the RCA…on ’til the 6th of April…a MUST see.

12 – When I was growing up we moved house something like 7 or 8 times, but in every house with a garden my mum would always plant a magnolia tree…now whenever and wherever I see one I somehow feel home.

13 – Hard to get hold of 127mm film as I don’t think they make it any more…but needed some to test out my new camera!

14 – Cloud watching.

15 – Attic window.

16 – Iphones really leave something to be desired in low level light conditions but couldn’t resist trying to capture the full moon.

17 – Crumbling painted wall.

18 – I’ll be your mirror.

19 – Shiny…soooo shiny.

20 – Hampstead Heath…by far the best place in London to go clear your head and get some perspective.

21 – Door with flaky paint.

22 – Street art just off Liverpool Street.

23 – I wear a LOT of rings!

24 – There’s something to be said for getting off the bus a few stops early sometimes…The Red Tree in real life…(see Shaun Tan’s beautiful illustrated story)

25 – Beautiful green glass carboy in my back garden.

26 – The space between 4 framed photographs.

27 – Frond.

28 – Beautiful flowers (apparently called ranunculus) on Portobello Road Market.

29 – Texture.

30 – Sometimes there’s more truth in the shadow.

31 – SO happy to add this to my record collection!.

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