February happiness!

Well February fairly flew by! ¬†Here are a few moments of happiness I snapped to keep in a memory pocket for a rainy day…From left to right:

1 – Bright sunshine streaming through my bedroom curtains

2 – A skull type shape seen in a fabric pattern.

3 – A beautiful piece of burnt wood I found on a sunny wander by the canal.

4 – Afternoon light refracted through glass on a wall.

5 – ¬†Copper fabric on a food menu. (Momos – hadn’t been there in years…so tasty!)

6 – Scarves available in any colour on a stand just off Oxford street.

7 – My current favourite hat.

8 – Huge cloud, tiny plane.

9 – A streetlight through a rain slashed bus window.

10 – A painting of a lion and a bird in one of my favourite local haunts.

11 – I like it when the road seems to give you directions.

12 – Raccoon!

13 – Tree bark…I believe this is a copper birch.

14 – Well it was february 14th!

15 – Best password to free wi-fi in a cafe ever.

16 – Tiny part of an amazing exhibition by Cristina Guitian

17 – A reflection in a silver bowl seen on the windiest day of February while waiting at a bus stop.

18 – A clapperboard bought from a local charity shop that a friend told me about…we’re planning to make a little video together later on in the year.

19 – Hackney Central overground station platform in the sunshine.

20 – Very little makes me happier than when someone buys me flowers, and tulips at this time of year are especially welcome!

21 – Satsuma rabbit.

22 – Light play.

23 – Snowdrops…giving gardeners everywhere hope that spring is just around the corner…

24 – Mimosa…pure sunshine…and smells great too!

25 – A tiny skateboard I found wandering around Walthamstow

26 – Flaky wallpaper in Bloomsbury I happened across after checking out the Scarti exhibtion at TJ Boulting…highly recommended!

27 – Hospital curtains casting shadows.

28 – Great alternative to a stag’s head mounted on the wall at Brooks B1866 store in Covent Garden

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