July’s Happiness!

July…one of my favourite months, busy fun packed days followed by long summer nights….and the odd few days on holiday if you’re lucky!
From left to right:

1 – A friend’s brightly coloured painted fingernails.

2 – A dog’s paw print in the pavement cement.

3 – A yellow rose given to me on my birthday by another talented friend just coming into bloom several days later….check out her website here.

4 – A ticket to see the wonderful Wynton Marsalis at the Barbican in my very generous cousin’s pocket..he’s a meditation wizard check out his blog here.

5 – Shadows on shoes.

6 – I’d love to stay and chat but i really moustache…

7 – Stumbled upon in Southwark

8 – Sinister sidewalk spot.

9 –  ”That each day I may walk unceasingly on the banks of my water, that my soul may repose on the branches of the trees which I planted, that I may refresh myself under the shadow of my sycamore.” – Egyptian tomb inscription, circa 1400 BC

10 – Amazing find in Firefly Books on Chatsworth Road.

11 – Stamp from a swing dancing class.

12 – Artwork in Stour Space in Hackney Wick.

13 – Kwaffee.

14 – A washing machine spray painted gold given out as a booby prize during the launch party of The Mongol Rally by The Adventurists.

15 – A sample from a few hours experimenting with a new photographic technique in the dark room at Chats Palace.

16 – Pavement target in Soho.

17 – Ping Pong @ The Book Club

18 – Table for two at To the Jungle Cafe.

19 – Is it just me or is that a child holding hands with a monster running away from it’s own shadow?  Just me?  ok…

20 – Raiding my dad’s record collection with permission has surfaced some amazing stuff…

21 – Jiminey.

22 – On holiday in the South of France…this is the Lac de St. Cassien.

23 – The best swimming pool in the world…probably…

24 – Bagnols-en-foret.

25 – Beautiful red painting chez mon pere.

26 – Water, baby.

27 – midday sun.

28 – The view on the morning bread run.

29 – Wonderful wooden sculpture by Loris Marazzi.

30 – Pantone.

31 – Nice plage.


June’s Happiness!

Ok, so I’m a few days late posting this, but in my defence it was my birthday at the end of the month so there was a fair amount of recovery time required from the celebrations! More and more these days I find myself wanting to express gratitude for the amazing people I have in my life, be they family, old friends, new friends, friends I haven’t seen in a long time, or people I have yet to get to know properly.  So again, many thanks to all of you!

Here are some snippets of things that made me smile last month:

1 – Thumbs up – graffiti outside The Old Dentist on Chatsworth Road.

2 – Painting on the walls inside Passing Clouds

3 – Yellow.

4 – The irrepressible Hoffman Trio playing at Oui Madame

5 – June is the month of roses!

6 – Gluten free, dairy free home made madelaines…delicious!

7 – Frond.

8 – Sometimes you just have to pay attention to the signs!

9 – Sky feather.

10 – Freshly painted graffiti near Old Street.

11 – You snooze you lose.

12 – That’s my kinda billboard.

13 – “Millions and millions of years would still not give me half enough time to describe that tiny instant of all eternity when you put your arms around me and I put my arms around you.”  - Jacques Prévert

14 – Ripening strawberries in the garden.

15 – One of my favourite bands Polar Bear playing in the foyer at the Southbank Centre.

16 – A hair beautifully out of place.

17 – “Between the idea / And the reality / Between the motion / And the act / Falls the shadow.” – T.S Eliot  - ‘The Hollow Men’

18 – Foxy.

19 – Pause.

20 – My red shoes.

21 – Hampstead Heath in between rain showers.

22 – Kwaffee.

23 – Graffiti in central london

24 – So much depends upon a red watering can…

25 – A wander around Hackney Marshes where I bumped into a trumpet player practising in a field…as you do…!

26 – Still so much of London to discover on foot…this is Holborn Viaduct.

27 – Ace exhibition ‘Message In a Bottle’ by Sebastian Kite and the hard working folk at Jotta.

28 – Another little visual memento from The Old Dentist.

29 – Fantastic gig from Wynton Marsalis and The Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra playing with The Sachal Jazz Ensemble at The Barbican

30 – Great record playing at one of my favourite local venues…