Happiness is…

The third update of my ongoing attempt to document everyday moments of happiness…

From left to right:

1 – Daffodils for St. David’s Day.

2 – A beautiful vintage camera I unearthed at Camden Market.

3 – Frog graffiti.

4 – A friendly squirrel.

5 – Magic hour in Clapton.

6 – Funny sign outside a shop on Brick Lane.

7 – The saddest and most comfortable looking bear in the back room of a shop that sells nothing but chairs.

8 – Amazing graffiti.

9 – Chalk graffiti.

10 – Fantastic sculpture near East India Docks.

11 – Beautiful light at the Sensing Spaces exhibition at the RCA…on ’til the 6th of April…a MUST see.

12 – When I was growing up we moved house something like 7 or 8 times, but in every house with a garden my mum would always plant a magnolia tree…now whenever and wherever I see one I somehow feel home.

13 – Hard to get hold of 127mm film as I don’t think they make it any more…but needed some to test out my new camera!

14 – Cloud watching.

15 – Attic window.

16 – Iphones really leave something to be desired in low level light conditions but couldn’t resist trying to capture the full moon.

17 – Crumbling painted wall.

18 – I’ll be your mirror.

19 – Shiny…soooo shiny.

20 – Hampstead Heath…by far the best place in London to go clear your head and get some perspective.

21 – Door with flaky paint.

22 – Street art just off Liverpool Street.

23 – I wear a LOT of rings!

24 – There’s something to be said for getting off the bus a few stops early sometimes…The Red Tree in real life…(see Shaun Tan’s beautiful illustrated story)

25 – Beautiful green glass carboy in my back garden.

26 – The space between 4 framed photographs.

27 – Frond.

28 – Beautiful flowers (apparently called ranunculus) on Portobello Road Market.

29 – Texture.

30 – Sometimes there’s more truth in the shadow.

31 – SO happy to add this to my record collection!.


The Transcontinental Race 2013

I was lucky enough to be asked by The Adventurists to cover the launch of the first Trans-European solo unsupported bicycle race, from London to Istanbul via checkpoints at some of cycling’s most iconic locations.

For more info head to The Transcontinental Race webpage, following them on twitter @transconrace, or join the facebook group and check out the amazing series of documentary videos entitled ‘Melons, Trucks and Angry Dogs’.


Harry Escott

Way back on a swelteringly hot summer’s day last year it was my privilege to venture to the wilds of South London to photograph the fantastically talented composer Harry Escott.

He’s worked with Michael Winterbottom on both A Mighty Heart and The Road To Guantanamo,  Steve McQueen (Shame), as well as British crime thriller Welcome To The Punch, The Selfish Giant, and a host of BBC and Channel 4 dramas to boot.  Keep an ear out for his work in upcoming historical Channel 4 drama New Worlds.


February happiness!

Well February fairly flew by!  Here are a few moments of happiness I snapped to keep in a memory pocket for a rainy day…From left to right:

1 – Bright sunshine streaming through my bedroom curtains

2 – A skull type shape seen in a fabric pattern.

3 – A beautiful piece of burnt wood I found on a sunny wander by the canal.

4 – Afternoon light refracted through glass on a wall.

5 –  Copper fabric on a food menu. (Momos – hadn’t been there in years…so tasty!)

6 – Scarves available in any colour on a stand just off Oxford street.

7 – My current favourite hat.

8 – Huge cloud, tiny plane.

9 – A streetlight through a rain slashed bus window.

10 – A painting of a lion and a bird in one of my favourite local haunts.

11 – I like it when the road seems to give you directions.

12 – Raccoon!

13 – Tree bark…I believe this is a copper birch.

14 – Well it was february 14th!

15 – Best password to free wi-fi in a cafe ever.

16 – Tiny part of an amazing exhibition by Cristina Guitian

17 – A reflection in a silver bowl seen on the windiest day of February while waiting at a bus stop.

18 – A clapperboard bought from a local charity shop that a friend told me about…we’re planning to make a little video together later on in the year.

19 – Hackney Central overground station platform in the sunshine.

20 – Very little makes me happier than when someone buys me flowers, and tulips at this time of year are especially welcome!

21 – Satsuma rabbit.

22 – Light play.

23 – Snowdrops…giving gardeners everywhere hope that spring is just around the corner…

24 – Mimosa…pure sunshine…and smells great too!

25 – A tiny skateboard I found wandering around Walthamstow

26 – Flaky wallpaper in Bloomsbury I happened across after checking out the Scarti exhibtion at TJ Boulting…highly recommended!

27 – Hospital curtains casting shadows.

28 – Great alternative to a stag’s head mounted on the wall at Brooks B1866 store in Covent Garden