Happiness is…

Or rather, perhaps the above title should read ‘ Happiness is…?!’

I am sure that everyone at some point or another has felt deeply unhappy, and in an attempt to combat the extreme negativity I was feeling over the not-so-festive period, I decided to create this project.

The idea is simple: to remind myself daily of the things in life that do actually make me happy, and record them. In practice it has proved a little harder, with periods of a few days where I either didn’t have the time or the inclination to take any photographs, and other days where there were simply too many wonderful things to record!

Below are the images I collected to describe happiness this January….they serve to remind me that even when times are hard, and have been so for what seems like an impossibly long time, there is always something beautiful to find in the world…

From left to right:
1 – A secret drawer full of colouring pens/pencils I discovered at a New Year’s Eve house party I was invited to.
2 – Some beautiful graffiti in my neighbourhood
3 – Some indication from nature that there is still life even in the depths of winter!
4 – A view of Mount Kilimanjaro from the airplane I took to Mombasa earlier this year.
5 – A viewing platform in a beautiful mangrove preservation area in Kenya
6 – Hypnotic bonfire in the peaceful Mudzini camp where I spent a few nights.
7 – Beach in Mombasa.
8 – These guys are pretty quick on their feet…hard to catch one on camera!
From left to right:
1 – Gecko.
2 – A workshop I gave to the beautiful kids from The Gates of Joy orphanage using sun paper, flowers, their hands and water to create finished images.
3 – My first ever ride in a tuk tuk!
4 – After a VERY long flight delay, this sign on a fellow traveller’s luggage made me smile.
5 – Dawn light on the flight home.
6 – Stumbled upon these in a bookshop and was transported back to my childhood instantly.
7 – This sign is in a newly discovered pub a friend introduced me to.
8 – This wonderful guy is just one of a serious of brightly coloured beauties on the wallpaper of my new favourite local cafe.
From left to right:
1 – Lovely design on a plate.
2 – I love abstracts – this is actually on my front door…I think where an old door handle used to be.
3 – Food shopping at my local grocer.
4 – These bird pins are a permanent fixture on my hat (which is a permanent fixture on my head!). To me they symbolise the expression ‘One swallow doesn’t make a summer” – hence the reason there are two of them!
5 – Just love the positive and ridiculous sentiment of this.
6 -London tube journeys are the perfect place to finish your make up don’tcha know?
7 – A project I’m working on.
8 – Rainbow coloured stairs!
From left to right:
1 – A rainbow zebra on a new friend’s jumper.
2 – Crazy reflective shadows on my wall from the mirror.
3 – Spotted this on a very long walk I took the other day – great weathervane.
4 – There’s very little makes me happier than getting a batch of new prints back from the printers.
5 – This enormous stuffed giraffe was the surprise guest at a gig I was working at the other night.
6 – For one reason or another it’s been a very long time since I’ve played piano…I’m not very good…but I love to get lost for a few hours when I can find the time to practise.
7 – Well worn books are like old friends..always there to offer some kind of inspiration.

Jess and Pete’s Wedding!

Beautiful couple, beautiful location (Banff ), beautiful wedding – congratulations guys!


Barry and Marina’s Wedding!

Truly an honour to be invited to Ireland to see these guys tie the knot in style.


The Sea Cabinet @ Wilton’s

The first full scale performance of musical adventurer Gwyneth Herbert’s Sea Cabinet – a beautiful, intricate exploration of the sea in all its magic, majesty and mystery.  Developed during an artist residency at Snape Maltings, it is a unique multi-sensory, multi-layered song-cycle written and ripened on the Aldeburgh coast, drawing from the area’s rich history and traditions alongside stormy morning walks, midnight dips and rum-soaked lock-ins.  Working with musicians from her own world-class band, members of folk trio ‘The Rubber Wellies’, pop princess Fiona Bevan, inventive sculptor Alex Carr and critically acclaimed novelist Heidi James, Herbert presents an imaginative fusion of music, film, art and storytelling that explores stories from inshore and out.  Her mini-orchestra features a wondrous array of instruments, voices and sampled field recordings, creating a wild and unpredictable ocean of sound in and around each song that draws directly from the musical language of the sea.


Yorkshire Tea

Over the summer last year I joined the Yorkshire Tea team during The Ashes…great fun…they even let be drive the van at one point!