Barbican Box 25th June

Another amazing project from the Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning team: Barbican Box!

“Barbican Box aims to ignite, support and facilitate theatre making in schools through a process of devising and creating work from scratch.

Literally, it is a portable box filled with the ‘ingredients’ for making and creating theatre. The Box will contain a range of stimuli and resources designed to encourage an imaginative, theatrical and adventurous approach to theatre making, inspired by the theatre work presented on the Barbican’s stages every year.

Instead of commissioning a script or play, we commission an artist or company to design and curate the Barbican Box – providing an idea, an artistic starting point, from which to devise a piece of theatre.

One of the distinctive elements of this project is that every school will receive the same box and identical resources as the starting point for this process, but where they take the ideas from this creative stimulus will be entirely driven by the teacher and their students – we simply provide the catalyst for creative experimentation.”