Daylight Music 26/02/11

This week’s offerings included the soulful Seamus Fogarty, playing with Vince and Emma from Geese…check out ‘Hesitation’….

followed by the incredible voice of Seaming To…who did an amazing cover of ‘You don’t know what Love is’…which for me came close to the Chet Baker version…

…ending with the Americana/Country/Folk stylings of Gabriel Minnikin


Emily Barker and The Red Clay Halo, Adrian Crowley and Jo mango at St.Giles-in-the-fields.

Another Arctic Circle gem on Thursday night…St Giles is such an atmospheric venue to see live music in…although it is exceptionally dark…so I turned up early to get a few rehearsal shots…starting with Emily Barker and The Red Clay Halo

with Ted Barnes

Next up to soundcheck was Adrian Crowley

…followed by Jo Mango and an amazing collection of whimsical noisemakers…

so then a bit of time backstage for tea, cake and chat…

before it was time to open the doors, give everyone the penguin seal of approval…and a free new badge…

and get on with the show…starting with the beautifully delicate voice of Jo Mango…my favourite track has got to be ‘The moth and the moon’..

Adrian Crowley really filled the venue with ripples of sound…

Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo painted a thousand pictures with their amazing performance….(with help from extra penguins!)

Dom Coyote joined them onstage for a short while…

singing to a pretty packed audience…

…and all in ‘Wizard of Oz’ style shoes!


Daylight Music 19/02/11

This weeks’s Daylight Music (rated by The Tea Appreciation Society didn’tchaknow?!)  featured Padraig Whelan

The beautifully haunting, and also amusing Chris T-T

…as well as the folksy pop with a country twang Model Village


Peter Parker’s Rock and Roll Club play the 100 club

I heart the 100 Club…let’s be honest, most true music fans do…it’s a venue famous for putting on bands like The Sex Pistols, Ver Clash, The Jon Spencer Blues explosion, as well as Hugh Masekela, Muddy Waters and Lee Konitz, and it’s also a great venue for comedy.  Recently the club faced closure due to a hike in rent prices, and a campaign was launched to save it….involving bands that had played there previously, a gig by Paul McCartney…and apparently the club struck a deal with Converse a few days ago which should save it long term…fingers crossed!

Anyway, my mate Lenny was involved in the campaign, and since he was playing in Peter Parker’s Rock and Roll Club on Thursday night it seemed downright rude not to go!

Next up were The Craven Braves…a kinda indie/ska Coral-esque band…great energy..these guys should go far…

…then it was up to Long Tall Shorty to take us home…

…some of us wobbling on our high heels, others…more au fait with the ladylike stance required!


Big hair, Big Fish oh, and a one legged pigeon…

So on Wednesday I went out for a day’s shoot with comedian/comedy writer Dan Payne (of Smales and Payne fame) as he’s working on a lot of solo material apparently and needed some photos of him on his onesie…

We started in Camden, his natural habitat…

then moved on to waterloo…

had a brief interlude of madness involving a birds-style pigeon armageddon fantasy world…

before ending up at the aquarium…sharks are awesome – fact!


Daylight Music 12/02/11

Daylight Music yesterday was a real treat…starting with the brilliant Michael Wookey and his varied collection of instruments…

Next up were The 99 Call

…before the dream-like This is The Kitt.

People of all ages enjoy Daylight Music…come check out Arctic Circle’s latest musical picks playing next Saturday!


Analog Heaven!

On Thursday I was invited to document Peter Parker’s Rock and Roll Club record one of their tracks straight to vinyl.  It’s a service Lewis Durham from Kitty Daisy Lewis is offering (with seriously limited availability now!) above The Riflemaker Gallery.

Peter Parker’s Rock and Roll Club to my ears is very reminiscent of early Rolling Stones…the first band I ever saw live, at the tender age of 8!  They (PPRRC) have got upcoming gigs at the 100 club (long may it live!), the ICA and the Bowery so go check ‘em out!


Sound of Rum Launch – Old Queen’s Head 08/02/11

Last night was the second instalment of the extended celebration of the Sound of Rum‘s first single release ‘Slow Slow’, hosted by and starring the ridiculously talented Kate Tempest at the The Old Queen’s Head in Islington.

I really love this pub, great atmosphere, never had a bad night there, and of course, it’s got some amazing events upstairs, particularly this Feb!

One of my fave performance poets on the circuit Byron Vincent kicked off the night…bringing his classic comedy opening chat, before heading off piste from his standard setlist (check out some of the videos on his site for a taster) to a story about why to think twice before attempting to steal a sheep from Halifax’s britches…yes…seriously!  Go and see him perform at his next gig…and in the meantime BUY HIS BOOK ‘Barking Doggerel‘ out now on Nasty Little Press.

Next up, Crewdson, doing some skilled live electronica mixing, involving recording sounds made by things like plastic bags and shot glasses, as well as vocals and a sax, and then working his loopy magic.

Cranking up the speedy rhymes next was Chester P

…before it was the turn of Scroobius Pip to illuminate us all on how he made his fortune as the recorded voice of the Post Office check out (‘cashier number 4 please’), as well as performing (in various disguises) some of his newest a’cappella hip hop style poems…I hesitate to use the word ‘profound’, given it’s such a pretentious, overly used, almost ridiculous adjective under the circumstances, but some of those lines just dug deep and clawed themselves right into my fleshy pink brain…amazing stuff!

…and so to the end of the night, the reason this spectacular night of performances was happening in the first place, the Sound of Rum…the crowd was worked through head bobbing to a frenzy of hands in the air, by the ridiculously quick tongued Kate Tempest…go buy ‘Slow Slow’ when it’s released on Feb 28th…check out the video HERE.


The Adventurists Tea Party at the Round Chapel 05/02/11

Saturday was a busy day! The Adventurists (organisers of The Mongol Rally, The Rickshaw Run and The Mototaxi Junket – check them out and get involved!) had a tea party like no other…

held in the beautiful Round Chapel in Hackney…

An assortment of delicious teas and cakes were provided by The Ethicurean

seriously…the toffee apple cake, wrapped up in gold paper was to die for!

Then it was down to the real ‘business’ of the day,  explaining what the bejesus the Adventurists are all about, the crazy adventures they organise all over the world…

as well as an inspirational talk from Sir Chay Blyth including tales of how he was the first man to sail single-handed and not stop around the world against the prevailing winds and currents, and why he set up the Global Challenge.

After which, it was most definitely time for gin, and wouldn’tcha just know it, Hendrick’s were on hand to provide just that!

The No Fit State Circus provided some fantastic entertainment…

a whole heap of new adventurous plans were made, and a jolly good time was had by all!


Daylight Music 05/02/11

Saturday midday ’til 2pm for the kick off of another series of Arctic Circle curated Daylight Music sessions at the Union Chapel….I was unfortunately running late and so missed the first act,     Jo Bartlett, which I was more than a little bit gutted about if I’m honest as I’ve seen her before

and she is, quite frankly wonderful! Her first solo album has been descrbed by Mojo magazine as having ‘that easy feeling that early ’70s songwriters like Carole King and Carly Simon captured so well’.

Next up were the seriously quirky Howtocuredyslexia

…not entirely sure how to describe  these guys, but check out THIS youtube vid and that might give you some idea!

and last on the bill were Paper Aeroplanes…a poppy, indie, folky amalgam very easy on the ears…

As a last minute addition, Michael Taylor, or rather Hiss Golden Messenger played a short but beautiful set…je suis fan!